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The Priority Service team at TenPlus works closely with you to create superior IT solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our clients truly benefit from our up-to-date certifications, product knowledge, and wealth of experience.

The Priority Service team maintains certifications, Manufacturers Authorizations & Credentials with industry leaders including: Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, Quest-Netvault, Symantec, Quantum, Q-Logic and many more. We combine the best technology into integrated solutions for our clients. Our unmatched team expertise will establish TenPlus as a full service IT partner for your organization.

Network Routers, Switches and Firewalls

The foundation of your technology environment and the defining factor for your workgroup performance, is our network infrastructure. When your infrastructure is done poorly, haphazardly, or without vision and forethought, the impact on your organization can be significant. TenPlus Priority Service consultants and engineers can absorb your current infrastructure, assess your overall performance, make recommendations for change and improvement. In addition, our resources can design, create and deploy high performance infrastructure solutions for your entire IT environment. Our solutions & services include but are not limited to: 

Networking Solutions 
• Cisco & Netgear Switches & Routing 
• Network Segmentation and Load Balancing 
• Cisco Firewall Deployments 
• CISCO VPN Solutions 
• Wireless Bridges and Access points 
• WAN and LAN Solutions 
• IP Phone Solutions 

Networking services 
• Network Assessments & Analysis 
• Network Planning and Consulting 
• Network Infrastructure Installation and Deployments 
• Internet Connectivity & Turn ups 
• Wireless Network Planning & Solutions 
• Network Cable Installation & Certification 
• Network Printer Configuration 
• Configuration and Optimization of routers, firewalls, and switches 
• Remote Network Monitor, Management & Maintenance


Network Servers and the roles/services that they provide to our workforce and organization are numerous. With our business clients, our process begins with evaluating & understanding your existing environment and your overall server needs. The evaluation is followed by engineering, planning, installation and deployment. Once the installation is complete, TenPlus can establish remote server monitoring & management to ensure uptime, data security and server integrity. Our solutions & services include but are not limited to: 

Servers Hardware 
• Apple Mac Pro Servers 
• IBM System X Servers 
• Multi-Distro Linux Server 
• Redundant Storage Solutions 

Server Solutions 
• Mac OS X Server 
• Windows 2008, 2012 Server 
• Windows Small Business Server 
• Virtual Server Solutions for Redundancy 
• File Storage & Application Servers 
• Active Directory Integration 
• Open Directory Integration 
• Cross Platform Integration Solutions 
• Windows Terminal Servers 
• SPAN/Virus Filtering Appliances 
• Backup & Archive Servers 

Server Support, Maintenance & Management 
• Remote & Onsite Server Support 
• Remote Monitoring and Server Management 
• Server Hardware Service and Repair

Backup Solution

To TenPlus, there is nothing more important than the digital data and assets that your organization generates, stores, shares and requires to operate as a business. The Priority Service team can assess your data footprint across all users, servers & platforms and establish a comprehensive backup strategy that includes but is not limited to: 

• Individual User Backup Strategies 
• Workgroup Data Backup Strategies 
• Server & Server Storage Backup Strategies 
• Critical Device Imaging 
• Virtual Server Solutions for mission critical servers 
• High Speed & High Capacity Tape Backup Solutions 
• Cloud Backup Services 

For more information on our Network Infrastructure & Server Solutions just give us a call or complete the inquiry form on this page.

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Mac costs $741 less than comparable PCs.

Reduced IT Support and Operational Costs

• Less time is needed to provision Mac by using Apple Business Manager.

• Fewer service tickets are opened by Mac users due to self-service capabilities and performance.

• Tickets opened for Mac are easier to resolve, resulting in fewer hardware-related issues.

Reduced and Avoided Hardware and Software Costs

• There is no need to purchase an OS license or software update maintenance for Mac.

• Built-in security features eliminate the need for some additional endpoint security licenses.

• Mac requires less energy to operate.

Reduced Risk of Data Breach

• Organizations reported a reduced risk of security incidents.

• Reduced likelihood of data breach per enterprise-deployed Mac is 50%.

Improved Employee Performance and Engagement

• Improvement in retention rate is 20%.

• Increase in sales performance is 5%.

• Increased productivity per employee is 48 hours.

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