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TenPlus Systems provides authorized service and support for in and out of warranty Macs and Lenovo devices. 

Appointment are preferred but we do our best to accommodate walk-ins. 

You can schedule an appointment on the right side of this screen using the red “book appointment” button.

What to expect during your appointment

Upon check-in, one of our CORE advisors will gather information about you, your computer, and what you are experiencing that you would like resolved. 

For out of warranty Mac and Lenovo devices, TenPlus charges a $70 service fee upon check in. This will cover a full inspection, evaluation and diagnostic of the machine.

Our technicians work on computers in the order they arrive. Our service queue is currently same to next business day for inspection and diagnosis. 

Contact us

If you have questions, want to check walk in availability, or schedule an appointment, you can call us at (919) 832-5799 (option 2) or email us at core@tenplus.com.

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TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT (TEI) OF THE MAC : Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By An Employee Choice Program

September 15, 2022 | Tips

TEI  Findings

Forrester developed a composite organization based on data gathered from customer interviews to reflect the total economic impact that Mac could have on an organization. All of the values in the report are risk-adjusted and represent three-year present value.

Mac costs $741 less than comparable PCs.

Reduced IT Support and Operational Costs

• Less time is needed to provision Mac by using Apple Business Manager.

• Fewer service tickets are opened by Mac users due to self-service capabilities and performance.

• Tickets opened for Mac are easier to resolve, resulting in fewer hardware-related issues.

Reduced and Avoided Hardware and Software Costs

• There is no need to purchase an OS license or software update maintenance for Mac.

• Built-in security features eliminate the need for some additional endpoint security licenses.

• Mac requires less energy to operate.

Reduced Risk of Data Breach

• Organizations reported a reduced risk of security incidents.

• Reduced likelihood of data breach per enterprise-deployed Mac is 50%.

Improved Employee Performance and Engagement

• Improvement in retention rate is 20%.

• Increase in sales performance is 5%.

• Increased productivity per employee is 48 hours.

See the entire report here.